Rat race on a rotting planet

by City Rats

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lots of sweat,work,cheese,nerves and gain create this piece of shit.


released June 6, 2011

too many people to thank for..... u can find a full list of this thanx in the cd or lp....
but must importent is eli pikover for recording.
misha "take 2" for mixing and mastering this guy is the god of brain ridusing!
maniac attack,true rebel,angry voice and bomb all records...
for helping us share this shit with other worldwide gutters!
endless nightmare crew!



all rights reserved



we support your support ! endless nightmare crew is on the way to u!

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Track Name: Intro + Endless nightmare crew
bilbo is navigating
but we are lost
listen to village lovin
old gypsy c**t

E-N-C the endless nightmare crew

its endless nightmare
all hope is gone
pain sweat mosquitos
the show must go on

DIY schlumbule horror and mefidrin scence
im lo hevanta kanere lo tavin
this what music made from us rats
gave us the wings and made us to bats

no speed limits beer and vodka to
endless nightmare crew is on the way to u
we dont want to talk no politics with u
dont care about the borders and fuck relligion to
Track Name: Pogo beer abu kabir
im x al hapanim haim betoh matara
aba hok ima shofetet zona

ehat shalosh ehat shtaim
leh tida im tihie paamaim
pogo beer abu kabir

kavul beyadai be raglai u beroshi
al tikah ishi leolam lo tiei hofshi

bakikar - kar ptzatzot
badira - tamid yaker meod
ve barehov - pashot roesh medai
Track Name: Poisn
theres the one about him superwaising us all
the one all mighty and the father of all
and evrything happens for a reson i know
i the eyes of the maker its one big show

but its not like that cuz were all alone
a desreted island made of flesh and bone
u can keep on living in your world of dreams
it dosent buder me

we bite the hand that feeds cuz it feed us poisn
we bite the hand that feeds cuz it feed us lies
we bite the hand that feeds for one magic moment
to see your hollow face when you open your eyes

theres the ones who bealive that u follow the flock
u find the answers and the mening u lack
and the ones who set money as a target in life
the chase is on the expenence of the people around

and round they wonder in there state of sleep
they living dead this shit runs so deep
u can keep on living in your world of dreams
it dosent buder me

swetter than wine softer than a summers night
the people dont realice they living in a dream

saing the system works what a nerve
been a cop to portect and serve
for the renks the number the uniforms
social standarts and atomic wars
saying this world is such a wonderfull place
and not a...rat race on a rotting planet
and the human kind as suck a speical race...not a virus!

when u lay at night and u cant sleep
try to find the answers but they dot exist
your mind get snumb its been field with shit
can u see the truth now deal with it
Track Name: Arak society
early in the morning - arak
evry mesiba - arak
anybody have some - arak
are u ready for this night?

a-r-a-k arak society

leave u no chance - arak
make u wanna dance - arak
shiting in your pants - arak
are u ready bal habait?
Track Name: Sin city
cooming soon...zot ha ir she ba siotim midgashmim
zot ir shel sex rocknroll ve sotim
zot ha ir she ba ein tovim ve raim
im hetzba al haadek gam atem ieholim
lo tzarih nisim ish yoter medai mesim
im hetzba al haadek gam atem ieholim

bruhim habaim - le ir ha hataim

zot ha ir she ba baim levalot
zot ha ir she ba lo ishenim balelot
zot ha ir she memena lo hozrim anashim
habiiov bolea lahem ta hoshim
mamshihim lahlom mekavim le tova
ken ba ir shali ein evdel ben tov le ra

yeled ben 15 kana lo sam huki
hesnif hezrik bala oto kmu gever amiti
yom lemaharat imo matza et hagufa
haikar she bira ahri 9 lo shata

kol ma she raitem be ir haheloim
timtzeu beshefa be ir ha hataim
shivat plaei holam batahana ha yeshana
hazirim meshupadim sharim et hatika
Track Name: Ekh / Bologna
studentim mesomamim
knesiot ve tzlavim
bira 330
ve sheten ham shel eloim
le mosalini hem sogdim
svastika al hapanim

bologna bologna ti odio - sing

hanazim sham hogegim
atem bentaim ravim im hatzmehem
menasim lefarek
et ma she bilti mitparek

schur ve rastot lehashmid
sone vienna letamid

ekh ekh ekh - sing

aval kshe lo mazlihim
tamid mozim ta ashemim
Track Name: Just another punk rock day
in the morning i wake up and put on some punk
some beer for a breakfest and i allready drunk
nothing better to do than wonder the streets
meet with the punx and burn another punk rock day

punk rocks leading and my mind is bleeding
just another punk rock day
wasting away - just another punk rock day

the crew is in place and the monsters appear
inculding the arak and cases of beer
the music is on and theres food on the grill
we sing for the punx and burn another punk rock day

in the morning i hardly open my eyes
in a room i dont know and its not a surprise
cant remember the name cant remember the way
if u open your eyes theres no one to blame
Track Name: MA-avar
tam tam tam tam tam tam tatam
Track Name: Sickurity
i allways say the time is right
for another genartion and another street fight
empty bottles broken knockles
in this street u find no justice

theres no choice - sickurity
feel the noise - sickurity

evry day work fuck and sleep
day by day eat shit and bleed
is this the meaning of our life
lifes a bitch than u die
Track Name: Immigrant
your car is german on arabic oil
italian pizza russian alchaol
your electronics are all chinies
brazilian coffe and holland cheese

you call your neighbor immigrant
you call your neighbors immigrants
you fucking stupid nazi
you fucking stupid nazis
kill yourself and save your kid

your kebab turkish your india shirt
american dreams colombian snurt
your latin latters your democracy greek
relligion midlle-east is make me sick
Track Name: Heres
mitorer mistakel menase lehavin
eih ha idaim kshurot ve haeinaim root
sharsheraot mehubarot le kol mazav
ha biuv muzaf aval ha hara zaf
tirze o lo lo tirze o lo
pam ata lemata ve pam ata lemala
ve ish dvarim she le kulanu brurim
af ehat af ehad lo patur memisim

af ahad lo bahar et ha olam shalo
hegia hazman lehitmoded ito
lo sholtim lo nishlatim
bli gvolot ve bli hukim
taaros ma she hores otha

ekdah babitzim ve sigar bape
mishe ish lo koah ose ma hu rotze
mishe sholet kotev et hahukim
meaz u mitamid et hahuk kotvim poshim
tertze o lo lo tertze o lo
hem kovim mehir ve anahnu meshalmim
ezrahim tmimim she maadifim lehitalem
rak laohaha she hapesha mishtalem

taaros ma she ores otha
taaros ki lo nishar brera
taaros tashmid ve tisrof
taaros ve taaros ad hasof
Track Name: Lehem ve halhala
lehem ve avoda ose li halhalaa

haim bshvil leavod
ve ovdim bshvil lisrod
omrim she avoda meshahreret
aval ani margish aheret

lehem ve avoda ose li halhalaa
Track Name: 2012
yom hadin egia shaataim lehatzot
kama horim be kvish mair bolim mehoniot
hashemesh shaka ba pam haahrona
nera lahem mevil yom hadin rak mathil

brakim ve reamim kol habatim noflim
hine ha mashiah lo kolanu mehakim
hatfelin satam lahem et kol haorakim
nera lahem mevil yom hadin rak mathil

Track Name: Party till death
give me the beers
give her the drugs
give me my freedom
give me new socks
fuck the future
fuck today to

we party till death
party till death till death do us part

its 2 am
the party began
no limits no rules
for you king of fools
the animals shout
put the music more loud
Track Name: The END
all hope is gone our turn in line
back to the ground nowhere to run
bomb oder gun thats human kind
fun in the city start to run

this is the end my friend this the end
Track Name: Bonus noise(feat. marconcio)
91 92 93 altona

say hu say ha
altona - u never gonna walk again
say hu say ha
altona - u never gonna work again

macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht
Track Name: Pig iron(ANL cover)
I have no fear...the new age is here

Plastic age...road rage
We got videos, stereos, radios and telephones
Nubile contractors, nuclear reactors
Sex scenes in magazines, laser beams
And war machines

I have no fear, the new age is here...Pig Iron
Technology, it's all just shit to me...Pig Iron

Satellites and motorbikes
We got smog counts and head counts
Silicon chips and breakdowns
Virtual reality is breeding insanity
Fuck this rat race...shoot me off
Into cyberspace

I have no fear, the new age is here...Pig Iron
Technology, it's all just shit to me...Pig Iron

Don't touch me...
I'm dirty...
Don't push me...
I'm evil...

Test tube families
We got ecstasy, heroin, crack, cocaine, amphetamine
Sniff it up, jack it up, blow your fucking brains out
We got Star Wars, race wars, HIV and BSE

I have no fear, the new age is here...Pig Iron
Let's fire up the oven, we'll burn the atmosphere
I have no fear, the new age is here...Pig Iron
Pig Iron
Pig Iron
Pig Iron