Endless Nightmare


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only 100 copies was printed so probebly u never here this.


released February 27, 2014



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Track Name: Sick boy
its just another kid with another way
the only speical thing he can say no way
one day u must to choose
continue live in fear or just refuse
refuse to your system
refuse to your lies
refuse to your flce
refuse to your lice

sick boy im a sick boy
sick boy created by your hand made
now its to late to curect th mistake

he live all his life againts the one way system
beat all the bustards to protect us - the victims
no place for feelings we allready drunk
shout loud and proud life fast die punk
Track Name: Just another punk rock day
in the morning i wake up and put on some punk
some beer for a breakfest and i allready drunk
nothing better to do than wonder the streets
meet with the punx and burn another punk rock day

punk rocks leading and my mind is bleeding - just another punk rock day
wasting away - just another punk rock day

the crew is in place and the monsters appear
inculding the arak and cases of beer
the music is on and theres food on the grill
we sing for the punx and burn another punk rock day

in the morning i hardly open my eyes
in a room i dont know and its not a surprise
cant remember the name cant remember the way
if u open your eyes theres no one to blame
Track Name: Pogo beer abu kabir
im x al hapanim haim betoh matara
aba hok ima shofetet zona

ehat shalosh ehat shtaim
leh tida im tihie paamaim
pogo beer abu kabir

kavul beyadai be raglai u beroshi
al tikah ishi leolam lo tiei hofshi

bakikar - kar ptzatzot
badira - tamid yaker meod
ve barehov - pashot roesh medai
Track Name: Drink beer or die
six pack of beer is cheaper than one bread

drink beer or die
got no money for bread
Track Name: Big cities - Small brains
living in a small town known to evryone
makes people nervus they deicide to run
hiding in the city despiring in the crowd
changing name and starting to play around with crime

allways looking normahl allways looking sane
if people just know how rotten are ther brain
hiding in the crowd despiring in the night
the cities population is rotten inside out

u cant run from the past
the cities cover up wont last
we come to this town to express ourselves - no hide

u cant run from the past
the cities cover up wont last
we come to this town to express ourselves - dont be blind

living in the city start playing with crime
outside looking normahl inside ther scum
hiding in the city despering in the crowd
low life small brain shout it loud

big cities
small brains
Track Name: No masters No bastards
the masters are bastards ther slaves are condemd
to live in the gutters to work for ther land
to change day by day in to bustards them selves
from slave to a master from master to grave

no masters no bastards - from slave to a master from master to grave
no masters no bastards - fuck all the bustards i survive by myself
i quiting the rat race and i survive by myself

the goverments changeing the power is passing
the cycle continiuce and so is the racing
the slaves are all working the masters are dancing
the slaves become masters and the masters are racing

no masters no bastards
Track Name: Gutter
evry person that i meet evry person on the street
only blood and bone and meat only mind is differnt
if your mind is not currept and u trying to get out
suwers calling out your name learn from were the humans came

gutter gutter gutter
come back to the gutter

i know it is a hard life i know u need to fight
but under the hypocrisy u sfighting for your right
i know they give u easy life u choose was to sell out
but u never got your piece of mind u been diying to get out

evry dream that has been broken
by a system fence that blocking

evry mother that lost a son
for a system that kept her blind
evrywhere i look this horror
indvidoale is slauthered
in a way u make me wanna
take the world back to the gutter